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11 Aug 2019 AMThe Book of Mark. Jesus' Authority.Who do you think you are. Mark 11. 27 -12.12Steve Ayers11.222MBClick icon to download
04 Aug 2019 AMWould you like to come round for a crisp sandwich - A Christians Guide to HospitalityLinda Ayers11.316MBClick icon to download
28 Jul 2019 AMThe Book of Mark. Den of robbers or House of Prayer. Mark11.12-26.Pete Mills12.021MBClick icon to download
21 Jul 2019 AMThe Book of Mark. 20-20 Vision. Mark 10. 46 -11.11 Gregory Kane13.776MBClick icon to download
14 Jul 2019 AMThe Book of Mark. Jockeying for position. Mark 10.32-45.Martin Leckebusch10.543MBClick icon to download
07 Jul 2019 AMThe Book of Mark. The upside down Kingdom. Mark 10.13-31.Jim Memory10.807MBClick icon to download
30 Jun 2019 AMThe Book of Mark. D-I-V-O-R-C-E. Mark 10.1-12Gregory Kane10.830MBClick icon to download
23 Jun 2019 AMWith great power comes great responsibility. Mark 9 v33-50Pete Mills10.474MBClick icon to download
16 Jun 2019 AMThe deaf hear, the mute sing for joy. Mark 9 v14-29Gregory Kane13.382MBClick icon to download
09 Jun 2019 AMThe Book of Mark. The Transfiguration. Mark 9. 2-13Tim Davy13.722MBClick icon to download
02 Jun 2019 PMPrayer and Praise Evening. The Kingdom of God- Reigning or Ruling. Matthew 6.33.Rob Taylor7.498MBClick icon to download
26 May 2019 AMThe Prophecy of Haggai. I will raise up a King. Haggai 2. 20-23.Martin Leckebusch10.155MBClick icon to download
19 May 2019 AMThe Prophecy of Haggai. Turn to me. Haggai 2.10-19.Linda Ayers9.681MBClick icon to download
12 May 2019 AMThe Prophecy of Haggai.Don't despise the small things.Haggai 2. 1-9.Gregory Kane12.025MBClick icon to download
05 May 2019 PMPrayer and Praise Evening. Jonah 4.Nat Kane6.356MBClick icon to download
05 May 2019 AMThe Prophecy of Haggai. I am with you Haggai 1.12-15.Pete Mills9.644MBClick icon to download
28 Apr 2019 AMThe Prophecy of Haggai. Get Your Priorities Right. Haggai 1.1-11. Gregory Kane11.969MBClick icon to download
21 Apr 2019 AMBelieve the Women. Luke 24. 1-12.Steve Ayers8.109MBClick icon to download
14 Apr 2019 AMThe Book of Mark. The way of Rescue Mark 8.31-9-1.Martin Leckebusch10.453MBClick icon to download
07 Apr 2019 PMPrayer and praise evening. Jonah 3.Steve Whitehorn6.373MBClick icon to download
31 Mar 2019 AMThe Book of Mark.Who is this man.Mark 8. 22-30.Steve Ayers9.876MBClick icon to download
24 Mar 2019 AMThe Book of Mark. The miracle of mass catering. Mark 8.1-21.Steve Ayers11.123MBClick icon to download
17 Mar 2019 AMThe Book of Mark.He does all things well.Mark7.24-37.Colin Edwards10.172MBClick icon to download
10 Mar 2019 AMThe Book of Mark. Cleanliness and Godliness. Mark 7. 1-23.Steve Ayers6.807MBClick icon to download
03 Mar 2019 PMPrayer and Praise Evening. The God of Second Chances. Jonah 1.17-2.10.Sharon Kane6.964MBClick icon to download
03 Mar 2019 AMThe Book of Mark. As He walked through the storm. Mark 6.45-56.Linda Ayers9.102MBClick icon to download
24 Feb 2019 AMSalt and Light. Matthew 5. 13-16.Colin Pavitt10.394MBClick icon to download
17 Feb 2019 AMThe Book of Mark. Shake it Salome. Mark 6. 14-29.Steve Ayers8.470MBClick icon to download
10 Feb 2019 AMThe Book of Mark. Prophets without honour, on a journey. Mark6. 1-13.Jill Chitty10.408MBClick icon to download
03 Feb 2019 PMPrayer and Praise Evening. Jonah 1. 1-17.Steve Ayers5.355MBClick icon to download
27 Jan 2019 AMDeuteronomy 6.1-9.Kang-San Tan10.984MBClick icon to download
20 Jan 2019 AMThe Book of Mark. A tale of two daughters.Mark 5. 21-43.Pete Mills8.426MBClick icon to download
13 Jan 2019 PMLonglevens Joint Service. Justice, and only justice, you shall pursue. Deuteronomy 16 and Luke 4Andrew Biggs7.206MBClick icon to download
13 Jan 2019 AMThe Book of Mark. Jesus - Good News for people, bad news for pigs. Mark 5 1-20.Steve Ayers10.325MBClick icon to download
06 Jan 2019 PM Prayer and Praise Evening. Did God really say that. Romans 12. 1-2Nat Kane4.938MBClick icon to download
30 Dec 2018 AMThe Second Coming. 2 Peter 3.Gregory Kane10.587MBClick icon to download
23 Dec 2018 AMAdvent and Christmas. God's Perfect Timing. Galatians 4.4-5Steve Ayers8.628MBClick icon to download
16 Dec 2018 AMAdvent and Christmas. Freedom begins in Bethlehem. Romans 8. 3.Steve Ayers7.165MBClick icon to download
09 Dec 2018 AMAdvent and Christmas. The Christmas Jackpot. 2 Corinthians 8. 9. Jill Chitty10.912MBClick icon to download
02 Dec 2018 PMPrayer and Praise. What's in a gift. Matthew 2 1,2,7-11.Steve Whitehorn4.920MBClick icon to download
25 Nov 2018 AMGospel according to Moses. The death of Moses. Deuteronomy 32.48-52, 34.1-12.Steve Ayers9.504MBClick icon to download
18 Nov 2018 AMGospel according to Moses. Worship the Lord God Almighty. Exodus 40.Steve Ayers9.681MBClick icon to download
11 Nov 2018 AMGospel according to Moses. God's Nature, God's Promise. Exodus 33.12 - 34.16.Steve Ayers10.902MBClick icon to download
04 Nov 2018 AMGospel according to Moses. The Golden Calf. Exodus 32.Gregory Kane12.911MBClick icon to download
28 Oct 2018 AMGospel according to Moses. Keep taking the tablets. Exodus 20. Romans 3.31Steve Ayers9.825MBClick icon to download
21 Oct 2018 AMGospel according to Moses. The Priesthood of all believers. Exodus 18.Colin Edwards7.899MBClick icon to download
14 Oct 2018 AMGospel according to Moses. The God who hears grumbling. Exodus 16.1 -17.7Martin Leckebusch11.404MBClick icon to download
07 Oct 2018 PMPrayer and Praise. The curse of a good idea. Deuteronomy 5.22.Sharon Kane5.030MBClick icon to download
07 Oct 2018 AMGospel according to Moses. The Great Escape. Exodus 14v11-31Linda Ayers10.636MBClick icon to download
30 Sep 2018 AMGospel according to Moses. The Story of the Lamb. Exodus 12. 1-13.Pete Mills8.625MBClick icon to download
23 Sep 2018 AMGospel according to Moses. Oi, hop it!. Exodus 8 v 1-15Steve Ayers5.065MBClick icon to download
16 Sep 2018 AMGospel according to Moses. The God who calls. Exodus 3. 1-15.Steve Ayers10.854MBClick icon to download
09 Sep 2018 PMPrayer and Praise Evening. Can you feel the love.1 John 4.10 -12.Nat Kane4.818MBClick icon to download
09 Sep 2018 AMGospel according to Moses.The God who overules. Exodus 1.15 -2.14.Steve Ayers11.823MBClick icon to download
19 Aug 2018 AMWomen in the Bible. Abigail.1 Samuel 25.Steve Ayers9.654MBClick icon to download
12 Aug 2018 AMWomen in the Bible. Hannah. 1 Samuel 1-2.Sharon Kane13.817MBClick icon to download
05 Aug 2018 PMPrayer and Praise Evening Learn to Listen. Psalm 23 v1.Steve Whitehorn4.113MBClick icon to download
05 Aug 2018 AMWomen in the Bible. Rachel. Genesis 29 -35.John Davies9.892MBClick icon to download
29 Jul 2018 AMWomen in the Bible. Deborah. Judges 4.Steve Ayers10.317MBClick icon to download
22 Jul 2018 AMWomen in the Bible - A Woman's Place. Luke 10.38-42.Ali Taylor11.700MBClick icon to download
15 Jul 2018 AMWho is this. Mark 4 v 35-41Steve Ayers9.723MBClick icon to download
08 Jul 2018 AMGod save the Queen. Esther 4 v 1-17Jim Memory13.171MBClick icon to download
01 Jul 2018 PMPrayer and Praise Faith. Hebrews 10.36-11.2.Linda Ayers5.697MBClick icon to download
01 Jul 2018 AMThe Book of Mark. Pictures of the Kingdom. Mark 4.21-34.Philip Tory11.963MBClick icon to download
24 Jun 2018 AMThe parable of the soils. Mark 4 v1-20Gregory Kane11.902MBClick icon to download
17 Jun 2018 AMMad or bad. Mark 3 v20-35Steve Ayers12.685MBClick icon to download
10 Jun 2018 AMPharisees and Followers. Mark 3 v1-19Steve Ayers12.827MBClick icon to download
03 Jun 2018 PMPrayer and Praise Evening.1 Samuel.Pete Mills5.401MBClick icon to download
03 Jun 2018 AMThe Book of Mark - Jesus, not very religious. Mark 2. 18-27.Ali Taylor9.894MBClick icon to download
27 May 2018 AMThe Book of Mark. The Lame Dance. Mark 2. 1-17.Martin Leckebusch11.404MBClick icon to download
20 May 2018 AMThe Book of Mark. Finding Peace. Mark1.29-45Steve Ayers9.814MBClick icon to download
13 May 2018 AMThe call of Christ. Mark 1 v14-28John Davies11.381MBClick icon to download
06 May 2018 AMThe Book of Mark. News you need to hear. Mark 1-13Steve Ayers11.863MBClick icon to download
29 Apr 2018 AMFruitfulness on the Frontline. Healing for the nations. Revelation 22.1-5.Steve Ayers11.525MBClick icon to download
22 Apr 2018 AMFruitfulness on the Frontline - Planting for a Harvest.1 Corinthians 3.1-9.Martin Leckebusch8.745MBClick icon to download
15 Apr 2018 AMFruitfulness on the Frontline -Walking in the Spirit. Galatians 5. 13-26Steve Ayers8.897MBClick icon to download
08 Apr 2018 AMFruitfulness on the Frontline. Abiding in the Vine. John 15.1-17. Ali Taylor10.515MBClick icon to download
18 Mar 2018 AMLent and Lament - Waiting and Trusting. Lamentations 5.Steve Ayers10.653MBClick icon to download
11 Mar 2018 AMLent and Lament - Unjustly Accused. Lamentations 4.Tim Davy14.724MBClick icon to download
04 Mar 2018 AMLent and Lament. Where is the hope. Lamentations 3John Davies11.242MBClick icon to download
25 Feb 2018 AMLent and Lament.The anguish of sorrow. Lamentations 2.Steve Ayers15.496MBClick icon to download
18 Feb 2018 AMLent and Lament. In need of comfort. Lamentations 1Steve Ayers14.259MBClick icon to download
11 Feb 2018 AMFruitfulness on the Frontline -Responding to the kingdom. Matthew 21.33-44Steve Ayers11.915MBClick icon to download
04 Feb 2018 AMFruitfulness on the Frontline. Promise to the Nation. Isaiah 5. 1-7Gregory Kane12.428MBClick icon to download
28 Jan 2018 AMFruitfulness on the Frontline.- Blessed in the Land. Leviticus 26.1-13.Ali Taylor9.354MBClick icon to download
21 Jan 2018 AMFruitfulness on the Frontline. Created to be fruitful. Genesis 1.24-31, Colossians 1.1-14.Steve Ayers9.270MBClick icon to download
14 Jan 2018 AMSon or Slave. Galatians 3.26-4.7.Steve Ayers13.934MBClick icon to download
31 Dec 2017 AMJesus, the Light for the Future. Luke 2.21-40Philip Tory10.966MBClick icon to download
17 Dec 2017 AMLife giving light. Tabernacled. John 1.1-5,14.AliTaylor8.980MBClick icon to download
10 Dec 2017 AMA Witness to the Light. John 1. 6-8.Ali Taylor7.043MBClick icon to download
26 Nov 2017 AMWhat have I got to do with Mission. Luke 10 25-37.Nigel Coles12.142MBClick icon to download
19 Nov 2017 AMWhat have long journeys got to do with Mission. Acts 1. 1-12.Colin Edwards9.543MBClick icon to download
12 Nov 2017 AMWhat has money got to do with Mission. Philippians 4. 14-18Gregory Kane10.941MBClick icon to download
05 Nov 2017 AMWhat has the Bible got to do with Mission. Psalm 67.Tim Davy8.557MBClick icon to download
29 Oct 2017 AMLive in harmony with one another. Romans 12. 9-21. Martin Leckebusch8.721MBClick icon to download
22 Oct 2017 AMTeach one another. Colossians 3.15-17John Davies12.801MBClick icon to download
15 Oct 2017 AMForgive one another. Colossians 3. 12-14.Gregory Kane9.525MBClick icon to download
08 Oct 2017 AMPray for one another. James 5.13-16.Martin Leckebusch11.676MBClick icon to download
01 Oct 2017 AMServe one another.John 13 1-17, Gal 5 13Ali Taylor10.522MBClick icon to download
24 Sep 2017 AMEncourage one another. 1 Thessalonians 5 v 1-11Philip Tory14.600MBClick icon to download
17 Sep 2017 AMLove one another. John 13. 34-35John Davies9.843MBClick icon to download
10 Sep 2017 AMSeeking the peace of the city. Jeremiah 29. 1-14Peter Stevenson7.251MBClick icon to download
03 Sep 2017 AMDIY. Matthew 7. 13-29Martin Leckebusch7.878MBClick icon to download
27 Aug 2017 AMFinding the Lost. The parable of the Lost Sheep, Coin, Son. Luke 15PhilipTory6.765MBClick icon to download
20 Aug 2017 AMWhen is a parable not a parable. Luke 16.19-31.Gregory Kane8.498MBClick icon to download
13 Aug 2017 AMThe unfairness of God. Matt 20. 1-16, Matt 25.14-30. Martin Leckebusch7.957MBClick icon to download
06 Aug 2017 AMYou lucky so-and-so. Matthew 13.44-46Tim Davy5.302MBClick icon to download
30 Jul 2017 AMWeeding, seeding and kneading.Matthew 13 v24-43John Davies12.509MBClick icon to download
23 Jul 2017 AMThe Parable of the Sower, the Seed and the Soil. Mark 4 1-20Jim Memory13.092MBClick icon to download
16 Jul 2017 AMThe Song of the Vineyard. Isaiah 5.1-7.Guest Speaker8.571MBClick icon to download
09 Jul 2017 AMGrow in the Spirit. Galatians 5 22-26.Ali Taylor7.733MBClick icon to download
02 Jul 2017 AMLive in the Spirit. Romans 8. 5-17.Gregory Kane6.975MBClick icon to download
24 Jun 2017 AMThe Gifts of the Spirit.1 Corinthians 12 v1-11Martin Leckebusch12.278MBClick icon to download
18 Jun 2017 AMThe Word and the Spirit. John 16. 5-16.Guest Speaker7.191MBClick icon to download
11 Jun 2017 AMBe filled by the Spirit. Acts2.1-13.Ali Taylor5.629MBClick icon to download
04 Jun 2017 AMWait for the Spirit. Joel 2. 28-32. John Davies6.740MBClick icon to download
28 May 2017 AMDefeat and Victory. Joshua 7 and 8.Ali Taylor6.293MBClick icon to download
21 May 2017 AMWalls fall down. Joshua 6.Gregory Kane8.188MBClick icon to download
14 May 2017 AMPhysical Holiness. Joshua 5.Martin Leckebusch6.606MBClick icon to download
07 May 2017 AMCrossing the River Jordan. Joshua 3.- 4.Philip Tory7.125MBClick icon to download
30 Apr 2017 AMSpies and Lies. Joshua 2.Ali Taylor7.321MBClick icon to download
23 Apr 2017 AMChange and Courage. Joshua 1.Martin Leckebusch8.346MBClick icon to download
16 Apr 2017 AMThe triumph of suffering love. Luke 24. 1-12. Martin Leckebusch4.697MBClick icon to download
09 Apr 2017 AMIt is Finished. John 19. 30.Gregory Kane7.864MBClick icon to download
02 Apr 2017 AMHere is your son, here is your mother. John 19.25-27.Martin Leckebusch6.276MBClick icon to download
26 Mar 2017 AMWhy have you forsaken me. Psalm 22.1-8John Davies5.320MBClick icon to download
19 Mar 2017 AMFather, forgive. Luke 23.26-43.Colin Edwards7.305MBClick icon to download
12 Mar 2017 AMToday, with me in Paradise. Luke 23. 26-43.Ali Taylor4.830MBClick icon to download
05 Mar 2017 AMGrasp Every Opportunity. Colossians 4. 2-6.Nigel Coles5.923MBClick icon to download
26 Feb 2017 AMThe Frontline Commitment. Acts 4. 23-31.Martin Leckebusch3.321MBClick icon to download
19 Feb 2017 AMThe Frontline Cry. Matthew 6. 9-13.Philip Tory3.174MBClick icon to download
12 Feb 2017 AMThe Frontline Concern. Acts 3. 1-10.John Davies4.336MBClick icon to download
05 Feb 2017 AMPsalm 139.Richard Johnson4.107MBClick icon to download
29 Jan 2017 AMThe Frontline Community. Colossians 3. 12-17Ali Taylor3.310MBClick icon to download
22 Jan 2017 AMThe Frontline Commission. Jeremiah 29. 4-14. Martin Leckebusch3.476MBClick icon to download
15 Jan 2017 AMLife on the Frontline. The Frontline Call. Matthew 28. 16-20.Ali Taylor3.700MBClick icon to download
01 Jan 2017 AMAdvent. What are you waiting for. Simeon the gift promised. Luke. 2. 20-40.Gregory Kane2.476MBClick icon to download
18 Dec 2016 AMAdvent.What are you waiting for. Magi, The gift recognised. Matthew 2. 1-12. Colin Edwards3.053MBClick icon to download
11 Dec 2016 AMAdvent, What are you waiting for. Shepherds, The gift revealed. Luke 2. 1-20 Jim Memory4.056MBClick icon to download
04 Dec 2016 AMAdvent. What are you waiting for. Joseph, the gift unwanted. Matthew 1.18-25. Martin Leckebusch3.705MBClick icon to download
13 Nov 2016 AMAdvent. What are you waiting for. Gabriel - the gift declared. Luke 1. 26-38.John Davies4.329MBClick icon to download
06 Nov 2016 AMLeader and Congregation. 1 Timothy. Warnings of Wealth. 1 Timothy 6.1-10,17,18.Ali Taylor3.509MBClick icon to download
30 Oct 2016 AMLeader and Congregation. 1Timothy. Faith and the Family. 1 Timothy 5. 1-16. Martin Leckebusch3.691MBClick icon to download
23 Oct 2016 AMLeader and Congregation 1 Timothy. Mystery and Truth. 1 Tim 3.14 - 4.16. John Davies4.385MBClick icon to download
16 Oct 2016 AMLeader and Congregation 1 Timothy. Elders and Deacons. 1 Timothy 3, 5.Ali Taylor3.191MBClick icon to download
09 Oct 2016 AMLeader and Congregation. 1 Timothy. Law and gospel. 1Timothy 2. 1-15.Gregory Kane4.889MBClick icon to download
25 Sep 2016 AMHarvest. Psalm 24. 1-10. Alisdair Longwill3.560MBClick icon to download
18 Sep 2016 AMLeader and Congregation. 1 Timothy. Law and gospel. 1Timothy 1. Martin Leckebusch4.251MBClick icon to download
11 Sep 2016 AM Leader and Congregation.1 Timothy. Introduction, Mentor and Pupil. 1 Timothy 1.Jim Memory4.271MBClick icon to download
04 Sep 2016 AMLesser known characters from the New Testament. Philip the Apostle. John 1. Colin Edwards3.104MBClick icon to download
28 Aug 2016 AM Lesser known characters from the NewTestament, Antonius Felix. Acts 22-24. Gregory Kane5.092MBClick icon to download
21 Aug 2016 AMLesser known characters from the NewTestament, Lydia. Acts 16. 11-15, 40. Jim Memory3.708MBClick icon to download
14 Aug 2016 AMLesser known characters from the New Testament, Philip. Acts 6. 1-7, Acts 8, Acts 21. 7-9 Martin Leckebusch3.753MBClick icon to download
07 Aug 2016 AMLesser known characters from the New Testament, Tabitha. Acts 9. 36-42 Ali Taylor3.032MBClick icon to download
31 Jul 2016 AMLesser known characters from the New Testament, John Mark. Acts 12.12,25. Acts 13.13,Acts 15.36-38. Col 4.10. John Davies3.454MBClick icon to download
24 Jul 2016 AM Character and Action. Proverbs 31.10-31. Martin Leckebusch3.417MBClick icon to download
10 Jul 2016 AMWisdom in Action. Wealth and Giving.Proverbs 8. 18, 13.11, 3.9, 19.17, Gregory Kane5.013MBClick icon to download
26 Jun 2016 AMFaithful Marriages. Proverbs 5-7John Davies4.649MBClick icon to download
19 Jun 2016 AMWisdom in Action. God and Humanity. Proverbs 1.7, Proverbs 9.10, Proverbs 31.30. Jim Memory4.147MBClick icon to download
12 Jun 2016 AM Proverbs. Wisdom and Folly.- the Two Ways. Proverbs 1. 1- 6, Gregory Kane2.746MBClick icon to download
05 Jun 2016 AMFostering, Adoption and the Church. Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children. 2 Kings 5. 1-6, Matthew 2. 13-15 Tim Davy4.837MBClick icon to download
29 May 2016 AMFostering, Adoption and the Church. Children in the Care system. James 1. 27, Psalm 68. 4-6, Deut 10. 12-22, Mark 10. 13-16, Tim Davy4.942MBClick icon to download
15 May 2016 AMCompassion Community and Christ Acts 2 1 and 42-47Martin and Ruth Harrison3.808MBClick icon to download
08 May 2016 AMResurrection Hope.1 Corinthians 15 12-58Colin Edwards3.022MBClick icon to download
01 May 2016 AMParting Promise. Acts 1 1-11Gregory Kane5.419MBClick icon to download
24 Apr 2016 AM Easter and- afterwards. Great Commision. Matthew 28.16-20. Martin Leckebusch3.288MBClick icon to download
17 Apr 2016 AM Resurrection People. John 11. 1-43. John Davies3.922MBClick icon to download
10 Apr 2016 AM Easter and - afterwards.Upper Room. John 20.19 -31. Colin Edwards4.493MBClick icon to download
03 Apr 2016 AM Easter and - afterwards. Emmaus Road. Luke 24.13-49 Ali Taylor3.902MBClick icon to download
27 Mar 2016 AMEaster - and afterwards. Empty Tomb. 1 Peter. Gregory Kane4.080MBClick icon to download
20 Mar 2016 AM Jesus in Gethsemane. Matthew 26. 30-46. Jim Memory3.754MBClick icon to download
13 Mar 2016 AMAll things to all people 1 Cor 9. 19-27. Ali Taylor3.515MBClick icon to download
28 Feb 2016 AM The work of the Spirit. Galatians 5. Jim Memory4.840MBClick icon to download
21 Feb 2016 AM Being like Jesus. Philippians 2 1-8. John Davies4.026MBClick icon to download
14 Feb 2016 AMBecoming More like Jesus. Contrasting Lifestyles. 1 Peter 4. 1-11 Martin Leckebusch4.111MBClick icon to download
31 Jan 2016 AMWhy does Communion matter. Acts 2. 42-47. Gregory Kane2.705MBClick icon to download
24 Jan 2016 AMWhy does Fellowship matter. Acts 2. 42- 47. John Davies4.139MBClick icon to download
17 Jan 2016 AM Why does Prayer matter. Acts 2. 42-47 Ali Taylor2.662MBClick icon to download
10 Jan 2016 AM A church in Mission. Why does teaching matter. Acts 2. 42-47 Steve Woolley3.551MBClick icon to download
27 Dec 2015 AMThe Lord comes to His temple. Luke 2. Martin Leckebusch2.742MBClick icon to download
20 Dec 2015 AM David, a good hope. 2 Sam 7, Psalm 132. John Davies3.212MBClick icon to download
13 Dec 2015 AMMoses, A Good Society. Deuteronomy 6 1-25 Colin Edwards4.452MBClick icon to download
06 Dec 2015 AM Abraham, a good man. Genesis 17. Martin Leckebusch3.502MBClick icon to download
22 Nov 2015 AM 1 Thessalonians 5. An in-depth study. Gregory Kane3.801MBClick icon to download
15 Nov 2015 AM 1 Thessalonians 4 -5. An in-depth study. Gregory Kane4.123MBClick icon to download
08 Nov 2015 AM 1 Thessalonians 1-3. An in-depth study. Gregory Kane4.169MBClick icon to download
01 Nov 2015 AM 1 Thessalonians. An in-depth study. Gregory Kane5.072MBClick icon to download
25 Oct 2015 AMThe True Vine. John 15. Colin Edwards3.647MBClick icon to download
18 Oct 2015 AMThe Good Shepherd. John 10. Ali Taylor3.132MBClick icon to download
11 Oct 2015 AM The Gate for the Sheep. John 10 John Davies3.498MBClick icon to download
27 Sep 2015 AM The Bread of Life. John 25-59. Jim Memory3.486MBClick icon to download
20 Sep 2015 AM The Way, the Truth and the Life. John 14. Tim Davy2.543MBClick icon to download
13 Sep 2015 AM The Resurrection and the Life. John 11. 17-44. Ali Taylor3.139MBClick icon to download
06 Sep 2015 AM Light of the World. John 8, 9. Martin Leckebusch3.646MBClick icon to download
30 Aug 2015 AMHaggai,the voice of encouragement. Haggai 1. Ali Taylor3.021MBClick icon to download
23 Aug 2015 AM Aspects of Prayer (5)The Unpredictable Dialogue of Prayer. Scriptures from Exodus 2, 1 Samuel 3, Matthew 15, Luke 8, Acts 9. Gwyneth Gibbens4.597MBClick icon to download
16 Aug 2015 AM Ezekiel- the voice of holiness. John Davies4.606MBClick icon to download
09 Aug 2015 AM The Voice of Bewilderment. Habakkuk Colin Edwards4.445MBClick icon to download
02 Aug 2015 AMAspects of Prayer (4) Psalm 84. 1-8. Richard Johnson3.692MBClick icon to download
26 Jul 2015 AM Aspects of Prayer (3) Ephesians 6. 18 Gregory Kane5.443MBClick icon to download
19 Jul 2015 AM Jeremiah, the voice of despondency. Jim Memory4.516MBClick icon to download
12 Jul 2015 AM Aspects of Prayer (2).The only way is God. Nehemiah 8 Rita Rimkiene3.382MBClick icon to download
28 Jun 2015 AMIsaiah, the voice of majesty. An Overview. Gregory Kane5.658MBClick icon to download
21 Jun 2015 AM Aspects of Prayer (1) Matthew 6.9-14. Ali Taylor3.091MBClick icon to download
14 Jun 2015 AM Hosea -the voice of pain. Hosea 1. 6. 1-10. Martin Leckebush4.047MBClick icon to download
07 Jun 2015 AMJonah , the voice of reluctance. Jonah 1.1-10,2.7-9, 3.1-2,4. Martin Leckebusch3.674MBClick icon to download
31 May 2015 AM Old Testament Prophets Series. Amos, the voice of justice. Amos 5 Jim Memory4.132MBClick icon to download
24 May 2015 AM Pentecost Sunday. Acts 2.1-15, 37-39. Gregory Kane4.070MBClick icon to download
17 May 2015 AM How to live as God wants you to live. Colossians 3 1-14. Alan Butler3.253MBClick icon to download
10 May 2015 AM What is your fragrance. John 12.1-9, Mark14.1-10Roger Davis4.112MBClick icon to download
03 May 2015 AM Assisted dieing. Ethical Issues in Politics (text Notes PDF) Colin Edwards0.612MBClick icon to download
03 May 2015 AM Ethical Issues. Genesis 1. 26-31. Colin Edwards4.835MBClick icon to download
26 Apr 2015 AMMigration. Scriptures from Leviticus, Zechariah, Deuteronomy, 1 Peter, John and Matthew. Jim Memory3.155MBClick icon to download
19 Apr 2015 AM God, politics and the environment. Scriptures from Genesis, Isaiah, Matthew, Nehemiah. Gregory Kane4.614MBClick icon to download
12 Apr 2015 AM The Economic Question. Lev 25.8-28,35-43. Matt 6 19-24,31-34. Martin Leckebusch5.118MBClick icon to download
05 Apr 2015 AMThe Journey continues - Go and Tell. Luke 24. 13-34. Ali Taylor3.099MBClick icon to download
22 Mar 2015 AM Conflict with Authority. Luke 19.45 - 20.26 John Davies5.377MBClick icon to download
15 Mar 2015 AM Intimacy and Betrayal Luke 22. 7- 38 Martin Leckebusch3.622MBClick icon to download
08 Mar 2015 AM Expectations of Kingdom Luke 12.35-48, 17. 20-37Colin Edwards3.993MBClick icon to download
01 Mar 2015 AM The Cost of Discipleship. Luke 14 25-34. Rita Rimkiene3.901MBClick icon to download
22 Feb 2015 AM Lent Series. Community Luke 9. 52-55,59-60 Luke 10.1-20 Gregory Kane4.353MBClick icon to download
15 Feb 2015 AM Problems. Profiteering, Perspective, Prayer. James 5. John Davies4.761MBClick icon to download
08 Feb 2015 AMHumility. James 4 Martin Leckebusch3.314MBClick icon to download
25 Jan 2015 AMWords. James 3 Ali Taylor3.257MBClick icon to download
18 Jan 2015 AM Just being Just. James 2. Jim Memory3.687MBClick icon to download
11 Jan 2015 AMFaith and Wisdom. James 1. 1-8 17-26.Colin Edwards3.969MBClick icon to download
28 Dec 2014 AM Jesus the Prince of Peace. Romans 5. 6-11 John Davies3.482MBClick icon to download
21 Dec 2014 AMThe Love of God at Christmas.1 John 3. 1, 11, 17, 23. 4.10. 5.2. Gregory Kane3.501MBClick icon to download
14 Dec 2014 AMSnapshots of Advent Joy. Isaiah 65. 16-25. Martin Leckebusch3.986MBClick icon to download
07 Dec 2014 AMThe KeyTruths of Scripture about the Incarnation. John 1 1-18. Jim Memory3.625MBClick icon to download
23 Nov 2014 AMChristian Hope.1Peter1.3-12 John Davies4.048MBClick icon to download
16 Nov 2014 AMWaiting. Luke 1. 5-25 Colin Edwards3.594MBClick icon to download
09 Nov 2014 AM Let Us Remember. 1 Samuel 7 2-17. Ali Taylor3.730MBClick icon to download
02 Nov 2014 AMBut You. 2. Tim 3.10-4.8. Steve Austin-Sparks2.154MBClick icon to download
26 Oct 2014 AMPilgrimage of Praise 6. Psalms 135-136.Steve Austin-Sparks3.509MBClick icon to download
19 Oct 2014 AMPilgrimage of Praise 5. Psalms 132-134.Steve Austin-Sparks4.166MBClick icon to download
12 Oct 2014 AMPilgrimage of Praise 4. Psalms 128-131.Steve Austin-Sparks2.686MBClick icon to download
28 Sep 2014 AMPilgrimage of Praise 3. Psalms 126-128.Steve Austin-Sparks3.017MBClick icon to download
21 Sep 2014 AMPilgrimage of Praise 2. Psalms 123-125 Steve Austin-Sparks2.231MBClick icon to download
14 Sep 2014 AMPilgrimage of Praise 1 Psalms 120-122 Steve Austin-Sparks2.382MBClick icon to download
07 Sep 2014 AMBake Off. Matthew 13. 31-35 Jim Memory3.320MBClick icon to download
31 Aug 2014 AM Grace finds us in our brokenness. Genesis 28.1-22 Gregory Kane4.198MBClick icon to download
24 Aug 2014 AMThat was then, this is now. John 13. 31-38 Ali Taylor3.792MBClick icon to download
17 Aug 2014 AM A pointless sermon about God's Love. Romans 8. 28-39. Jim Memory4.151MBClick icon to download
10 Aug 2014 AMGrowing on the Journey.Philippians 3 1-16 Steve Austin-Sparks3.638MBClick icon to download
03 Aug 2014 AMGod of the stars and broken hearts.Psalm 147Steve Austin-Sparks2.869MBClick icon to download
27 Jul 2014 AMTips for Quiet Times. Psalm 1Martin Leckebusch4.789MBClick icon to download
20 Jul 2014 AMFaith Hope and Love. But the greatest of these is Love. 1 Corinthians 13.John Davies4.860MBClick icon to download
13 Jul 2014 AMGlory to God Romans 11.28-36Steve Austin-Sparks3.346MBClick icon to download
29 Jun 2014 AMOur Big Question. Romans 11 25-28 Steve Austin-Sparks5.138MBClick icon to download
22 Jun 2014 AM All of Grace. Romans11 1-24Steve Austin-Sparks4.795MBClick icon to download
08 Jun 2014 AMMission in Europe Acts 16 1-15 Jim Memory3.344MBClick icon to download
01 Jun 2014 AMObjections to Election. Part 2. Romans 9 19-26 Steve Austin-Sparks4.877MBClick icon to download
25 May 2014 AMObjections to Election. Romans 9.14-18 Steve Austin-Sparks4.750MBClick icon to download
18 May 2014 AMGod chose Israel.Romans 9. 6Steve Austin-Sparks4.858MBClick icon to download
27 Apr 2014 AMMy Ministry and Future Plans.The Nature of Ministry, Planning for the Future. Romans 15. 14 -16. 27.Steve Austin-Sparks6.603MBClick icon to download
20 Apr 2014 AMWhat Relevance the Resurrection.Reality of Relationship, Stories of Sin, Glimpses of Grace. Romans 3 21-26 Steve Austin-Sparks2.426MBClick icon to download
13 Apr 2014 AMUnited to Praise. United in Christ, Praise to God. Romans 15 1-13Steve Austin-Sparks3.462MBClick icon to download
06 Apr 2014 AMWalking Together. Act out of Love, Build what is Core, Check by Faith. Romans 14. 12-23Steve Austin-Sparks5.194MBClick icon to download
30 Mar 2014 AMLiving for God. Conviction, Belonging, Accountability.Romans 14 1-12Steve Austin-Sparks4.457MBClick icon to download
23 Mar 2014 AMLove in the light of the day. Love your neighbour as yourself, clothe yourself with the Lord Jesus Christ. Romans 13 8-14. Steve Austin-Sparks5.102MBClick icon to download
16 Mar 2014 AM1Kings 21Martin Leckebusch3.701MBClick icon to download
09 Mar 2014 AMRelating rightly to authority, right relatonship, right role.Romans13 1-7 Steve Austin-Sparks3.912MBClick icon to download
23 Feb 2014 AMReal Love. Romans 12 9-21 Steve Austin-Sparks2.816MBClick icon to download
16 Feb 2014 AMTotal Transformation. Romans 12 1-8 Steve Austin-Sparks4.395MBClick icon to download
09 Feb 2014 AMDo not fear what they fear. Do not be frightened but in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. 1 Peter 3 8-17 Jim Memory2.988MBClick icon to download
02 Feb 2014 AM Seeking God's Guidance. Your heart and your treasure, Your worries and your priorities Matthew 6.19-34.Steve Austin-Sparks2.821MBClick icon to download
19 Jan 2014 AMI have learned and I can do. The Secret of Contentment, and, Everything through Him. Philippians 4. 10-13. Steve Austin-Sparks2.353MBClick icon to download
12 Jan 2014 AMExcellent and Praiseworthy Things, Think about, Put it into practice. Philippians 4. 8-9. Steve Austin-Sparks4.131MBClick icon to download
22 Dec 2013 AMPeace. Do not be anxious but The peace of God will Philippians 4 6-7.Steve Austin-Sparks0.888MBClick icon to download
15 Dec 2013 AM Rejoice. Be Joyful, Be Gentle, The Lord is near. Philippians 4. 4-5. Steve Austin-Sparks1.221MBClick icon to download
08 Dec 2013 AMThey who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength.Isaiah 40. 25-31. Matthew 11. 25 Rene Wichers2.659MBClick icon to download
24 Nov 2013 AMPrayer & Prejudice. Acts 10. 9-23 Steve Austin-Sparks2.635MBClick icon to download
17 Nov 2013 AMRunning from God's Radical Grace. Recognising God's Radical Grace, Realising God's Radical Grace. Jonah. 1 Steve Austin-Sparks1.940MBClick icon to download
03 Nov 2013 AMHow do we celebrate life when faced with the rough reality of death. 2 Cor 4.16 - 2 Cor 5. 10 Steve Austin-Sparks1.551MBClick icon to download
27 Oct 2013 AMThe Church at the heart of society. Salt & Light, Earth & World, Church & Kingdom. Matt 5. 13-16Steve Austin - Sparks4.600MBClick icon to download
20 Oct 2013 AMPartners of God, God - the basis of partnership, Gospel - the substance of partnership, Glory- the goal of partnership, Philippians 1. 3-11Steve Austin-Sparks3.728MBClick icon to download
13 Oct 2013 AMMissionaries of God. Done by Christians,Encouraged by Churches,Forged with Others, Acts11.19-30.Steve Austin-Sparks3.492MBClick icon to download
29 Sep 2013 AMFollowers of God. We've not achieved - press on, we've not attained -strain ahead, we've not arrived -aim to win.Philippians3.12-16.Steve Austin-Sparks5.262MBClick icon to download
22 Sep 2013 AMCare for God's Flock. Care of Leaders, Care of others, Care in Context.1Thessalonians 5.12-28Steve Austin-Sparks3.583MBClick icon to download
15 Sep 2013 AMThe Word of Christ, The Word as Dweller, The Word as Director. Colossians3 12-17Steve Austin-Sparks5.373MBClick icon to download
08 Sep 2013 AMBeing Soldiers of God. Living right, The Nature of the Struggle, Spiritual, Corporate. Ephesians 6.10-20 Steve Austin-Sparks5.251MBClick icon to download
01 Sep 2013 AMBeing Lovers of God. Walk Well, Make the Most of Time, Get to know God's will, Be filled with the Spirit. Ephesians 5.15-21 Steve Austin-Sparks5.315MBClick icon to download
25 Aug 2013 AMExile,Physically displaced,Emotionally traumatized,Spiritual alienation from God.Isaiah 49. 1-18JimMemory3.341MBClick icon to download
18 Aug 2013 AMJohn the Baptist- Questions to ponder...Luke 7 18-35 Martin Leckebusch3.419MBClick icon to download
04 Aug 2013 AMLiving faithfully in God, Listen, Live. Habakkuk 2 Steve Austin-Sparks4.287MBClick icon to download
28 Jul 2013 AMA Maturing Faith,Feeling frustrated with God. Horrible happenings, Complaining Constructively. Habakkuk 1 Steve Austin-Sparks3.907MBClick icon to download
21 Jul 2013 AMLove your neighbour. Luke 10. 25-37 Colin Edwards3.750MBClick icon to download
14 Jul 2013 AM Conclusion. Savour God's Grace, Sense God's Power Romans 8. 31-39 Steve Austin-Sparks1.379MBClick icon to download
07 Jul 2013 AM Assurance of Spirit,Who is the Holy Spirit, How does Holy Spirit relate to Christ, What does it mean for us to live in the Spirit. Romans 8. 1-30 Matt Knell3.923MBClick icon to download
30 Jun 2013 AMFreedom from Law, Two weddings and a funeral,a doctor, a flame,a river,a house, a battle. Romans 7 1-25 Jim Memory4.262MBClick icon to download
23 Jun 2013 AMFreedom from Sin, The Theory, The Practice, The Results. Romans 6 Steve Austin-Sparks1.578MBClick icon to download
09 Jun 2013 AMHope of Glory,Justification Inspires Hope,Suffering Produces Hope,Love Underwrites Hope, Romans 5.1-21Steve Austin-Sparks3.878MBClick icon to download
02 Jun 2013 AMPrayer, Bestows Power, Builds Relationship, Brings Assurance, Benefits You. Ephesians 6. 10-20SAS4.481MBClick icon to download
19 May 2013 AMJustification by Works, Justification by Status, Justification by Law Faith,hope, justification and us. Romans 4Steve Austin- Sparks4.056MBClick icon to download
12 May 2013 AMJustification by Faith. Romans 3.21-31Ali Taylor2.551MBClick icon to download
05 May 2013 AMThe Guilt of Mankind, Parity of Guilt, Pervasiveness of Sin, Paradox of Law Romans 3 9-20 Martin Leckebusch3.751MBClick icon to download
28 Apr 2013 AMPrayer, Priority of Prayer, Pattern of Prayer, Practice of Prayer Philippians 1. 9-11 Matthew 6. 9-13SAS4.120MBClick icon to download
21 Apr 2013 AMThe Jews and Judgment Gods Righteous Judgment, The Jews and The Law, Gods Faithfulness. Romans 2.1-3.8SAS3.173MBClick icon to download
14 Apr 2013 AMWe are all sinful Righteousness and Wrath,Glory and Thanks, Practice and Approve Romans 1 16-32SAS4.983MBClick icon to download
07 Apr 2013 AMIntroduction To Romans Romans 1 1-17Richard Johnson5.377MBClick icon to download
31 Mar 2013 AMThe Resurrection; Reminder, Reason for Life, Realism. 1 Corinthians 15SAS4.273MBClick icon to download
17 Mar 2013 AMLent Series. Transformed by the Presence of Jesus. Waiting For Jesus. When God Delays, When God Arrives. John 11. 1-44SAS6.052MBClick icon to download
10 Mar 2013 AMLent Series. Transformed by the Presence of Jesus. Faith and Jesus Matthew 14. 22-36Ali Taylor3.150MBClick icon to download
03 Mar 2013 AMLent Series. Transformed by the Presence of Jesus. Obedience and Jesus Matthew 21. 1-14SAS4.849MBClick icon to download
24 Feb 2013 AMLent Series. Transformed by the Presence of Jesus. Known by Jesus. Our dubious story,our deepest need,our darkest secrets, John 4. 1-26SAS2.046MBClick icon to download
17 Feb 2013 AMLent Series Transformed by the Presence of Jesus, Walking with Jesus,Disposition, Devotion, Direction, Luke 24 13 -35SAS4.051MBClick icon to download
10 Feb 2013 AMOur Vision.A Wellspring. Question, Remedy, Reminder. John 4 1-30SAS5.597MBClick icon to download
03 Feb 2013 AMWe are the building,Christ first,joined together, becoming Gods dwelling.Ephesians 2. 19-22SAS4.648MBClick icon to download

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