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Home Groups

Home Groups

Home groups are places to develop and grow your faith, make and develop relationships and find support, encouragement and friendship. Each group has a unique character which is reflected in what they’ve said about themselves. If you’re interested in joining a home group, please speak to Gill Bruce.

Almond Home Group

“Beware: may contain nuts!”

Tuesday 7.45 pm

Co-ordinator: Dave and Chris Elwin

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What is our group like?

  • Its members are what makes us special
  • We love having members who come every week, but we are also happy to have those who cannot make it so often
  • We enjoy fun and food but also seek to support each other both in prayer and practical ways
  • We do laugh a bit too!

What does our group do?

  • Prayer and Bible study
  • We drink stuff and eat things, usually tea and coffee but sometimes we share a meal together or have a puddings evening. In the summer we have a family BBQ.
  • We try and make our Bible studies and other discussions as real as possible
  • Discussions tend to be focused on what we do as a result of teaching, not just theory
  • Our discussions are fine for those with lots of knowledge and those starting out
  • Each week we make sure the level is appropriate for who is there so no one is left behind
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Willow Home Group

“Like the water it grows beside, our group thrives on the constant presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.”

Thursday 7.30pm

Co-ordinator: Mike Wills

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  • In our group we enjoy meeting together in each other's homes to learn and encourage each other and spend some specific time together with God
  • We share the responsibility of preparation for the studies
  • We worship, work through various Bible studies and pray for our Church, our community and each other
  • There is a relaxed atmosphere allowing members to be open and honest and share their joys as well as their problems and difficult times
  • We care for each other and our social times are full of fun and laughter as well as coffee and biscuits
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Pear Tree Home Group
Tuesday 2pm and Thursday 10am (alternate Weeks)

Co-ordinator: Lesley Pennington

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What are we like?

  • Relaxed
  • Supportive
  • We take it in turns to lead the study (all are encouraged to take a turn)

What do we usually do?

  • Catch up over tea / coffee
  • Laugh at the cat’s antics, then …
  • Pray
  • Discuss the study
  • Plan next meeting
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Banana Tree Home Group

“There is always a link … ”

Sunday 6.30pm

Co-ordinators: Iain and Fiona Jarvis

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  • Young People (mostly) – friendly, welcoming and we like biscuits and cake ...
  • We are a small group, but we still have good discussions, which can sometimes go off at interesting tangents!
  • We pray together and support each other through a prayer WhatsApp group
  • We love puns
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Elm Tree Home Group

“We have branches everywhere, but rooted in Christ.”

Tuesday 7.45pm

Co-ordinators: Steve and Rachel Whitehorn

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What is our group like?

  • Friendly
  • Easy-going
  • Supportive

What do we usually do?

  • Catch up over tea or coffee
  • Discuss the study
  • Pray
  • Cake!
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Oak Tree Home Group

"a bunch of quirky rebels!"

Wednesday 7:45pm

Co-ordinators: Martin and Jane Leckebusch

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  • We meet on Wednesday evenings; at present, that’s sometimes online but sometimes in person.
  • We come from a range of different backgrounds and vary in age and experience – but we enjoy each other’s company and appreciate each other’s friendship.
  • Usually our meetings begin with a catch-up over refreshments, after which we study the Bible together, pooling insights and learning from one another. We then share prayer requests for each other and beyond, supporting one another in prayer.
  • Anyone in the group is welcome to take a turn in leading the studies, but no-one has to lead if they’d rather not.
  • We nearly called ourselves the Monkey Puzzle home group, but that might make us seem prickly; we’re actually friendly and open to new members.
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