Kendal Road Baptist Church

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Who We Are – Our Values

The values that we hold represent the type of people we aspire to be. As Christians we seek to live by the example of Christ. Whilst it is difficult to condense a lifestyle into a limited set of values, the following is an attempt to encapsulate something of that lifestyle under five simple headings.

Worshipping People

We acknowledge that we are called to worship God, who is worthy of all worship and who delights in worship. We are committed to expressing worship both by our lifestyle and obedience to God, and by coming together to worship.

Walking People

We believe that faith is a journey on which we learn and discover more about God through our daily walk with Him. On this journey, we discover what it means to be a follower of Jesus, by reading the Bible, through prayer, by submitting our lives to God, and living through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Witnessing People

We recognise that the ‘Great Commission’ is foundational to the church; as God sent His son, so Jesus has sent us. We will ‘go’, ‘be’ and ‘proclaim’ the ‘good news’ to all, near and far, enabling them to see Jesus and learn about Him.

Welcoming People

We affirm that, as we show Jesus’ love for other people, so others will come to see Him. We undertake to welcome all, without prejudice, and to provide a community that loves, cares for and values each other as God does us.

Working People

We believe that each of us is unique, and we all have a part to play within the ministry of the community of faith. We will encourage everyone to discover, develop and use their gifts through committed service within the church.

Registered Charity number 1132818
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