Kendal Road Baptist Church

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Who We Are – “Kendal Road Baptist Church”

We are a Christian church, gathering together because of God’s grace to us, seeking to live in a way that others can come to know God’s grace for themselves. We are located within the Longlevens Community of Gloucester, and seek to serve God in our local community and from there to reach out across the world. Whilst we recognise and seek to promote the unity of all Christians across a variety of different churches, we are part of the Baptist family of churches. Each of these churches is self-governing (there is no central leadership hierarchy) and yet we seek to support one another by associating together and sharing resources. The title “Baptist Church” relates to the Baptists’ distinctive founding belief in, and practice of, believer’s baptism; now widely accepted by many other churches.

What We Are About – Our Mission

For our mission to be a reality in our lives, it must be expressed in a way that is easy to remember and apply. To this end, we have summarised our mission in the following simple statement:

Loving God, and Loving Others, from Longlevens…

This mission draws from both the ‘great commandment’ and the ‘great commission’ to express that we exist primarily to love God, and out of a vibrant relationship with Him, to go into the world and love others

Registered Charity number 1132818
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